With the rapid development of new energy vehicles, the performance requirements for power electronic equipment continue to increase. Fast Recovery Diode Module, an advanced power electronic device, has fast recovery time and high efficiency, which are critical factors in providing ultra-long endurance for new energy vehicles. By selecting the appropriate model, good heat dissipation design, stable input and output voltage, correct installation and maintenance, and reasonable backup and redundancy design, the Fast Recovery Diode Module’s application effect and effectiveness in new energy vehicles can be further improved. Reliability enables a more extended cruising range and higher energy utilization to help the development of green travel.

(Fast Recovery Diode Module)

Basic structure and working principle of Fast Recovery Diode Module

The Fast Recovery Diode Module is specially designed for power electronic equipment. It mainly comprises semiconductor diodes, capacitors, resistors and other components. Its working principle is based on the unidirectional conductivity of PN junction diodes, and efficient conversion of electrical energy is achieved by controlling the on and off of the diodes. Compared with traditional diodes, the Fast Recovery Diode has a faster recovery time and lower loss, enabling higher efficiency.

(Fast Recovery Diode Module)

Application of Fast Recovery Diode Module in new energy vehicles

1)Battery governance system: The battery management system of new energy vehicles is integral to vehicle energy management. The Fast Recovery Diode Module can achieve fast charging and discharging, improve battery utilization, and, at the same time, effectively reduce the battery’s temperature and improve its safety.

2)Motor controller: The motor controller is the core component of new energy vehicles and controls the vehicle’s acceleration, deceleration and braking. Fast Recovery Diode Module can achieve high-efficiency energy conversion and improve the motor’s efficiency, thereby achieving a longer cruising range.

(Fast Recovery Diode Module)

3)Charging facilities: Charging facilities for new energy vehicles require a high-efficiency power supply. Using the Fast Recovery Diode Module, charging facilities can achieve fast charging, shorten charging time, and thus improve charging efficiency.

How to better leverage the performance advantages of the Fast Recovery Diode Module

1)Choose the appropriate model: Choose the Fast Recovery Diode Module model for different application scenarios and equipment needs. For example, for scenarios that require high power output, you can choose modules with larger rated currents; for scenarios that require compact size, you can choose highly integrated modules.

2)Good heat dissipation design: Since the internal components of the Fast Recovery Diode Module are highly integrated, heat dissipation is significant. To ensure the stability and reliability of the module, effective heat dissipation measures need to be taken, such as selecting appropriate radiators, optimizing heat dissipation channels, etc.

3)Stable input and output voltage: To ensure the efficient operation of the Fast Recovery Diode Module and the stability of the equipment, it is necessary to ensure the stability of the input and output voltage. You can use a regulated power supply or take measures to suppress voltage fluctuations to ensure the regular operation of the module.

4)Correct installation and maintenance: Correct installation of the Fast Recovery Diode Module ensures its stable operation. Installation should be carried out per the instructions provided by the manufacturer, taking care to avoid mechanical stress, overheating, etc.

5)Reasonable backup and redundancy design: For critical equipment or key application scenarios, system reliability can be improved through backup and redundancy design. You can choose the Fast Recovery Diode Module with a parallel connection function or add a backup power supply system to ensure the system’s stable operation.


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