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Optimal design of double-row tapered roller bearings based on INSIGHT

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Tapered roller bearings can withstand large radial forces, axial forces and bending moments, and are widely used in machine tool spindles, automobile front and rear wheels, train axles, construction machinery, various reducers and aerospace fields. Double-row tapered rollers Bearings have been widely used in the area of wind power equipment due to their structural characteristics that can withstand significant bending moments.
At present, the optimization design of bearings mainly focuses on deep groove ball bearings and cylindrical roller bearings, and there are few studies on tapered roller bearings. Reference [1] first studied the load distribution of double-row tapered roller bearings, reference [2] proposed an analysis method for tapered roller bearings at high speeds, and reference [3] comprehensively studied double-row tapered rollers based on vector operations Bearing [4] uses genetic algorithms to optimize the design of tapered roller bearings. [5-6] optimizes the design of tapered roller bearings based on improved genetic algorithms and adaptive algorithms.
As a powerful multi-disciplinary optimization design software, INSIGHT can improve the performance of products quickly and economically, effectively reduce the design cost of products, and has been widely used in the field of mechanical design [7-9]. The megawatt-class wind power main bearing is a standard double-row tapered roller bearing. Due to its vast volume and complicated processing and manufacturability, its design and manufacturing costs have always been high. The INSIGHT optimization software was applied to the 3MW wind power main bearing. The main parameters were optimized through the experimental design (DOE) module and optimized design module in INSIGHT. The life of the optimized main bearing was increased by 83.8%, which was designed for the enterprise. Manufacturing provides data support.

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