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South Korea's Mask Imports Increased Significantly In March, With Over 60% Coming From China

wallpapers News 2020-04-02

With the spread of the new crown pneumonia epidemic, the South Korean government designated masks as the target of rapid clearance. As a result, the number of South Korean mask imports increased significantly in March, with more than 60% coming from China. From March 2nd to 24th, the number of imported masks was 21.45 million, with an import value of 11.394 million US dollars. Among them, after March 18th, there were 509 batches of imported covers used for sales, donation, and rescue to apply zero tariffs. The number of imports increased from 50.000 daily in the first week of March to 2.74 million daily in the fourth week.

From the import source of masks, the most significant proportion of imports from China was 66.4%, followed by Vietnam (21.9%), the United States (3.3%), and Singapore (2.6%). Exports of Korean textiles and other textile fiber products doubled in February to $ 15.713 million. Among them, exports to China increased by more than 200 times. After the outbreak of New Crown epidemic, the project's exports increased sharply. In January this year, exports were the US $ 70.22 million, and in February, they expanded to the US $ 15.713 million, an increase of nearly 22 times year-on-year. Among them, exports to China in February were USD 131.5 million, accounting for 86% of the total exports of this category. Other textile fiber products include fiber products such as masks.

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