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The Development Of Domestic Bearing Host Industry

wallpapers Environment 2020-12-22

The country's emphasis on the equipment manufacturing industry and the increasingly obvious trend of bearing localization, my country's bearing market will usher in a broader space for development. At the same time, with the development of my country's bearing host industry, the product structure of bushings will change, and the proportion of high-end products in the products will increase, and the unit price of sales will also increase.


It is estimated that by 2015, my country's bearing output is expected to exceed 28 billion sets, and the main business income is expected to reach 210 billion yuan, making it the world's largest bearing production and sales base.


With the continuous intensification of competition in the bearing manufacturing industry, mergers and acquisitions and capital operations among large bearing manufacturing companies have become more frequent. Excellent domestic bearing manufacturing companies have paid more and more attention to the research of the industry market, especially the industrial development environment and product buyers. In-depth study.


Because of this, a large number of excellent domestic bearing manufacturing brands have risen rapidly and have gradually become leaders in the bearing manufacturing industry!


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