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The Creation Of FAG Bearings

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An early instance of ball bearings was found on an ancient Roman ship found in Lake Naomi, Italy. This wooden ball bearing is used to support the rotating table top. The ship was built in 40 BC. It is said that Leonardo da Vinci once described a ball bearing around 1500.


Among the various immature factors of ball bearings, a very important point is that the balls will collide, causing additional friction. But this phenomenon can be prevented by putting the ball in a small cage.


In the 17th century, Galileo made the earliest description of "fixed ball" or "cage ball" ball bearings. However, for a long time afterwards, the installation of bearings on the machine has not been realized. The first patent on the ball groove was obtained by Philip Vaughan of Carmarthen in 1794. To


In 1883, Friedrich Fisher proposed the use of suitable production machines to grind steel balls of the same size and accurate roundness. This laid the foundation for the creation of an independent bearing industry. The initials of "Fischer Aktien-Gesellschaft" later became a trademark and it was registered on July 29, 1905.


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