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Bearing Background Introduction

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British O. Reynolds conducted a mathematical analysis of Thors discovery and derived the Reynolds equation, thus laying the foundation for the theory of hydrodynamic lubrication. The early form of linear motion bearings was a row of wooden poles placed under a skid plate. This technique may be traced back to the construction of the Great Pyramid of Giza, although there is no clear evidence yet.


Modern linear motion bearings use the same working principle, but sometimes use balls instead of rollers. The earliest sliding and rolling element bearings were wooden. Ceramic, sapphire or glass are also used, steel, copper, other metals, plastics (such as nylon, bakelite, Teflon and UHMWPE) are all commonly used.


From heavy-duty wheel axles and machine tool spindles to precision watch parts, rotating bearings are required in many cases. The simplest rotary bearing is a bushing bearing, which is just a bush sandwiched between the wheel and the axle.


This design was subsequently replaced by rolling bearings, which replaced the original bushings with many cylindrical rollers. Each rolling element was like a separate wheel. The first rolling bearing with cage to be put into practical use was invented by watchmaker John Harrison in 1760 to make H3 chronograph.


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